Bless This Mess!

Bless This Mess!

You spend a large chunk of your day organizing people and activities to reach milestones or to reach the weekend with your family. It is important to be supported in these actions and even more important to delegate what you can in order to fulfill your dreams and assist those around you in doing the same. During all of these activities, we also tend to leave a mess in our wake. Whether it is a dirty stove top even though our partner “cleaned” the kitchen or build up around the toilet, sink, and tub even though you have managed to sweep and mop the bathrooms. Time is finite and although the mess left behind can be unsightly and a pull on your energy, it is a testament to your efforts and nothing to be ashamed of. Bless the biggest of messes for they were built through valiant efforts of single mothers, partners, happy children, in-laws, and the loyalist of pets! You are not lazy or thoughtless!

Tools of our trade

Self-care and delegation go hand in hand. One of the biggest things a family organizer can do is to hire a cleaning service. Real Green Clean has customers that have declared they no longer need counseling because the only thing they argued over was division of labor regarding household cleaning. With other services offered such as grocery deliver and window cleaning, hiring a cleaning service can literally change your family’s life and buy you time.

The staff at Real Green Clean honestly enjoy helping others to obtain their goals in life. In doing so, we are able to obtain our goals in life as well. Bless this mess for it has brought us together.

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